Entertainment Guide

      At the first signs of spring Gran Canaria is transformed into the venue for a major festival. The island has 21 districts containing a number of villages and small towns which can always manage to find a reason to celebrate all the year round. In this they are of course helped by the good weather. The entire island is one huge festival – as you will see for yourself if you check out all the island's festivals:

      Carnival in Gran Canaria is one of the island's best-known and most colourful celebrations, taking place in every village between February and March. The carnival events which attract the most visitors are celebrated in Las Palmas and in the south of the island. The carnivals in Tenerife and Gran Canaria enjoy a friendly rivalry which stimulates people on both islands to ever greater and more elaborate celebrations.

      "La Rama de Agaete" takes place on August, 4th. The festival is dedicated to the patron saint "Nuestra Señora de las Nieves", and it is believed that for the original natives of the island this festival was dedicated to a supplication for water

      "La Fiesta del Charco" – the pond festival – is celebrated in the village of Aldea on 10th of September, when hundreds of people simultaneously jump into a pond by the beautiful beach of Callaos in an attempt to catch the agile grey mullets with their hands. The spectacle is as entertaining as the island of Gran Canaria as a whole.

      "La Traída del Agua de Lomo Magullo" is one of the most entertaining of Gran Canaria's festivals. In the picturesque village of Lomo Magullo hundreds of revellers use water pistols or buckets of water in order to soak one another. Because this festival takes place in mid-summer, this year it falls on the 6th of August, it is a refreshing experience on a hot day.

      "La Fiesta del Pino" is the most important festival in Gran Canaria and is celebrated on September 7th in honour of the island's patron saint, "Nuestra Señora del Pino". The centre of the festival is Teror, a place of pilgrimage which brings together the culture and people of the seven islands.

      These festivities reveal the open-hearted character and positive attitude to life of the people of the Canaries. Everyone who comes here is infected by their joie de vivre and can't help to forget the "serious side of life" for a while.